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StochasticPlus - another one to count
Stochastic indicators, more specifically oscillators, are among the most sought after trading indicators and it is no wonder that their popularity continues to grow over time. StochasticPlus represents one of the most modern stochastic indicators, which not only includes standard lines, but in addition, this indicator is still equipped with a completely new algorithm and a number of signaling elements that make the whole work with it much easier for traders.
Indicators & EA
Multilevel Channel - PRO Forex across timeframes
Trading channels are becoming more and more in the consciousness of traders across the trading world as time goes on, and it's no wonder that their popularity is growing in relation to this factor. The multi-level channel is one of the newer trading indicators that hides 3 channel setups within itself, so that every trader always has an overview of where the market is not only in terms of the tunnel he is watching, but also in terms of two more tunnels.
Indicators & EA
ZeroIndex - Main signal on behalf of zero
Oscillating indicators are an integral part of trading, and their popularity has grown so much over time that many traders are now trying day after day to come up with a completely unique oscillator that is one small step ahead of the rest. And ZeroIndex is just one such oscillator. What makes this oscillator stand out is that it can usually predict a changing situation a little bit earlier, and this ultimately gives traders a significant advantage over others.
Indicators & EA
AutomaticFibo - simply and without thinking
We have already talked about and featured the unique Fibonacci retracement indicator several times here on our website, which has undoubtedly become an important part of many professionals thanks to its advantages and benefits. Like other indicators, it has some shortcomings, probably the most important of which is its plotting on the chart. However, the new AutomaticFibo addresses this shortcoming. The indicator can plot Fibonacci levels all by itself without any help, so you never have to wonder if you made a mistake when plotting.
Indicators & EA
PRO-Averages - average with fast and slow development
Moving averages are nowadays literally an inherent part of every, even less professional trading platform and at the same time they are such a crucial element for many traders that their trading could hardly exist without them. However, moving averages have their pros and cons. For example, a certain disadvantage of averages can be their slow or, on the contrary, very fast development and this is exactly what the new modern indicator PRO-Averages solves. This indicator is based on a time-honed algorithm, can adjust the speed of development to the market situation.
Indicators & EA
Timer Squares
Timer Squares is another one of the trend indicators that is not difficult to use and yet its predictions achieve above-average success rates. However, this trading indicator stands out not only because of its aforementioned simplicity, but also because of its versatility, allowing traders to use it for both long-term and short-term trading opportunities, thus rightfully earning its current position in the world of trading.
Indicators & EA
TrendBars - the current trend as always
World trade, and not only as far as trading is concerned, is based on observing price changes and adapting to these changes over time. In order to be able to create and process such analyses, it is of course necessary to have enough background information and indicators, in our case TrendBars, which allow everyone to quickly orient themselves in the current situation, because time in trading usually decides who succeeds and who fails in the end.
Indicators & EA
4-Cross - four lines and many uses
Line indicators are one of the oldest types of trading indicators, so it should come as no big surprise that they are the most advanced indicators ever. The 4-Cross combines the power of several basic moving averages together with Japanese lines, which is also the reason why this indicator is not only so successful, but also why it is loved by a number of professionals.
Indicators & EA
DoubleVolume - two is more than ...
A brand new volume indicator, which thanks to its several improvements at the level of advanced algorithmization can already equal the most professional trading indicators ever. After all, the indicator stands out not only because of its unique algorithm, but also because of its user-friendliness and simplicity, which means that literally anyone with just a little patience can use it in a few moments.